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Company Profiles


Tecnimont, the Engineering & Construction Company of the Montedison Group, was established in 1973 as an independent company. It inherited the technological and engineering experience and capabilities of Montedison, issued from the merger of Montecatini and Edison, two names that had been identified for years with the Italian industry, in the field of chemicals and energy. The Engineering Divisions of the said two former companies had played a major role in the implementation of production facilities of their own, the framework of Italian industry for decades. In particular, Montecatini's engineers had pioneered in the diffusion and transfer of the Italian know-how abroad - from America to Far East - and had indissolubly tied up the company's name with the industrial development of fertilisers and plastics all over the world.

 From the late 70's Tecnimont has been following a policy of marked internationalisation of its own activity, backed by its having access to technologies of the Group's or of Third Parties', by its huge experience, and by the highly competitive quality of its services.

 Tecnimont is today one of the best known and acknowledged "General Contractors" on the international market. Its main field of activity is in the process industry, in particular in the following sectors:

 energy, oil and gas;

  • petrochemicals;
  • plastics;
  • chemicals and fertilisers;
  • where it applies primary technologies of Third Parties' or of the Group's.

     Thanks to the experience acquired in the implementation of over 1000 plants in four continents, Tecnimont is a global operator capable of handling integrated projects in any sector. The latest contracts cover process plants located in the following countries:


  • Benelux
  • Italy
  • CIS
  • Libya
  • Canada
  • Nigeria
  • Finland
  • People's Republic of China
  • Germany
  • Taiwan
  • Hungary
  • Tanzania
  • India
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • United States of America
  • Iran
  • Tecnimont offers a full range of services, from market research and feasibility studies to project financing, from process design to basic and detailed engineering, from safety audits to environmental impact assessment, from equipment procurement to construction and turnkey plant supply, from technical assistance to plant operation and maintenance as well as product marketing.

     Tecnimont is in a position to meet today's most sophisticated demand through innovative technical, economic, and financial instruments as well as by assisting clients throughout the investment.

     Tecnimont's tradition and consolidated success as General Contractor for process plants have favoured a diversification of the company which, thanks to its establishing an "Agro-industrial and Pharmaceutical" Division and an "Environment and Infrastructure" Division some years ago, has broadened its activity.

     As far as agro-industry is concerned, Tecnimont has access to the entire know-how of Eridania Bˇghin-Say (Montedison Group), a multi-national leader in particular in the sectors of sugar, starch and its derivatives, soybean proteins and lecithins, animal feed, products for industrial processing.

     Tecnimont designs and implements integrated development programmes aimed at a rational agricultural exploitation.

     With regard to environmental protection, the company designs and builds waste pre-treatment units at the battery limits of process plants as well as centralised multi-purpose treatment units. Tecnimont is engaged in methodological and applicative studies for the assessment of the impact on the environment, studies for commercial plant location and relocation, watershed projects, emergency plans for the management of technological and natural risks, data banks and territorial information systems.

     Furthermore, Tecnimont is active in the field of construction of civil and industrial buildings and in large infrastructure projects.

     Tecnimont is staffed with over 800 people, out of which 76% hold university or secondary school diplomas.

     In 1993 the company's backlog reached Italian Lire 1576 billion, with a turnover of Italian Lire 863 billion.

     Tecnimont, based in Milan, Italy, has several representative and branch offices abroad, such as in Beijing (China), Moscow (Russia), Kiev (Ukraine), Ufa (Bashkortostan), Tripoli (Libya), Tehran (Iran), and Singapore. Moreover, it has established a number of foreign companies, for example in Belgium, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Nigeria, and India.