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Indian E-commerce Sites

Delivery Products Sold Name of site
Ahmedabad Books,computer software,music,gifts,crockery,home appliances
Selected cites All Amul products
International N A
India Books,electronics,health and fitness,jewelry and movies
India N A
Regional Fruits,vegetables,spices,canned food,juices,chocolates,party items
India Cosmetics, perfumes
Bhopal Flowers,sweets,cakes
*Depends Flowers,chocolates,sweets
India CDs
International Shirts
International Gold pendants,flowers,cakes,sweets,watches,cosmetics,computers
Chennai Bookings Air tickets,hotel rooms and local services
N A  New products launched in india and abroad
N A Online banking,allows account holders to pay though their bank a/c on select sites
India Computers,clocks,writing instruments,organizers,tables,chairs
India Books,audio CDs,kids CD-ROMs,paintings
India Shirts,trousers,jeans,woolen items,accessories
Delhi N A
India Chocolatesflowers,watches,toys,other gift items
India Books,computer software,music,flowers,gifts,home appliances
India Office supplies
India Music,Cds,books
International Video cassettes,DVDs,VCDs,audio CDs
Not mentioned Food,software,medicines,cosmetics,beauty care products
Bangalore Fresh meat, beverages,shaving items,milk products
India Toys, watches,Parker pens,cosmetics Hyderabadbazaar
Guj/Del/surat Flowers,soft toys,chocolates,Indian sweets,dry fruits,greeting cards
India Car accessories
International Indian fianancial information  such as stocks markets,mutual funds,forex
India Product information on old cars, two wheelers and commercial vehicles
Selected cites Flower arrangements and bouqutes
International Groceries,books,audio cassettes,CDs,gift items,clothes,watches
India Agricultural land,farmhouse,commercial land,shop/showroom
India Books,electronics,music,gift gallary indiashoppingmall
India Leather items,salwar kameez,jewelry,men's wear,optical glasses indiavirtualshop
India Fashion,music,toys,office and home accessories,electronic goods
India Personal care,fashion wear,footwear,hotels,electronics
India Household,electronics,personal care,kitchenware,apparel
Bangalore Television,refrigerator,kitchenware,home appliances,cameras
India Depends on seller and buyer
India Audio Cds
India Antiques and art, audio and TV/video,books,magazines,clothes,household
India Portal, no direct selling involved
International Scarves,gifts,green tea,mugs,henna,bindis,incense holders
India Manufacturing raw materials, also goods from SSis
International Financial advisory services,online trading of stocks
Mumbai Apparel,games,kitchenware,computers,food
Not mentioned Food,jewelry,flowers,gifts items,audio cassettes and Cds
India Flowers,frames,candles,stationiry and potpourri
Delhi,Noida Ice creams,cakes,condiments,preserves and syrups
India Basic office supplies,calendars,organizers,computers,printers
India Apparel,art,books,sprots,footwear,flowers,electronics items
International Books
International Finaincial advisory services,online trading of stocks
India Apparel,confectionery,Indian art,featured stores,flowers
NA  Second hand items
International Clothes
India Books,Cd-ROMs,computers,stationery,furnishing,confectionery
Chennai Groceries such as soaps,toothpastes,perfumes,deodorants,medicines
India Auction site, no transaction
International Electricals,home products,jewelry,watches,computer accessories
India Auction site, no transaction
Mumbai Watches (Bentex),jewerly (Gili),idols,sweets